Metallic Blue Vinyl for broncos

Metallic Blue Vinyl for broncos

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This is factory matched dark metallic blue that came in 1978 and 1879 broncos and some first gen broncos.

Fabric and vinyl required for 1978, 1979 broncos.

(2) Rear panels

2.0 yards of Vinyl

1.5 yards of Fabric


(2) Front low back buckets

3 yards of vinyl

2 yards of fabric


(1) Front bench seat:

3 yards Vinyl

2 yards Fabric


(2) captains chairs

4 yards of Vinyl

3 yards of fabric


(1) Rear Bench

4 yards vinyl

2 yards fabric


(1) Headliner

1 yard of either material


The dash cap needs a yard but has to be seamed. Either way order 1 yd or if you want it with no seam let me know it’s for a dash and we will cut the material different

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