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Retro Blue Fabric

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Being builders and advocates of the 1978 and 1979 Ford Bronco we struggled to find a reliable, high quality source of OEM Ford Fabric. This is when we decided to embark on a journey searching the world for this long forgotten fabric. What we found was tooling, raw materials and to actually weaving the fabric was extremely expensive and seemed impossible. We pushed on… Finally we had found and partnered with the largest professional manufacturer of automotive fabric in the world. This allowed us to re-create patterns and colors that were found in 1970’s trucks and broncos that matches and exceeds factory specifications. Our material is weaved in the same manner the OEM fabric was, has the OEM backing on it making it strong for durability and longevity. Which brings us to the GSM which our fabric weights out at 500 GSM. Why is Gross per Square meter important? GSM represents quality and strength. Lastly, we add a coating on top of the fabric protecting it from dirt, grime, burger grease or whatever it is you do in your Bronco. We can provide fabric per yard, wrap you visors, door panel inserts, rear panels, buck and bench seat covers or custom project. Please reach out with any questions or custom requests. Note: all raw fabric ships within 1-5 business days. Custom jobs will be given and ETA when you receive the quote for the work.


Fabric and vinyl required for 1978, 1979 broncos.

(2) Rear panels

2.0 yards of Vinyl

1.5 yards of Fabric


(2) Front low back buckets

3 yards of vinyl

2 yards of fabric


(1) Front bench seat:

3 yards Vinyl

2 yards Fabric


(2) captains chairs

4 yards of Vinyl

3 yards of fabric


(1) Rear Bench

4 yards vinyl

2 yards fabric


(1) Headliner

1 yard of either material


The dash cap needs a yard but has to be seamed. Either way order 1 yd or if you want it with no seam let me know it’s for a dash and we will cut the material different

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